Hammerwatch – Hack & Slash multiplayer in pixel art!

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Un gioco hack and slash in un ambiente fantasy in pixel art. Solo o in coperativa, dovrete risalire il castello di Hammerwatch. Uccidete orde di nemici diversi attraverso quattro ambienti unici dotati di trappole, camere segrete e puzzle.

Il gioco si ispira alla vecchia serie di “Gauntlet”, aggiungendo il supporto on-line, lo sviluppo del personaggio, i livelli di difficoltà, boss, e molto altro ancora. Oltre l’azione più frenetica, sono presenti anche elementi che ti spingeranno a pianificare una strategia insieme ai tuoi amici.

Dimostrazione Co-op 4 giocatori: 

Alcune caratteristiche: Features:
<<< #12 levels, divided between 4 acts
#4 different classes, with unique features and skills
#Character development through unlocks and upgrades
#Several different monsters all with different skills and abilities
#4 large bosses, which requires more strategy than just hacking
#Survival mode, on small arena levels with waves of enemies just charging
#Hardcore mode, also, hard, medium and easy of course
#Controller support, supports various different gamepads
#Multiplayer COOP, for up to four players, online, LAN and local
#PC, MAC and Linux support
#Mod and editing support, make your own levels and change other things to your liking

What this game won’t have is a inventory system, advanced skill tree and “loot”, all upgrades to the player is made through purchase from NPCs around the game.

Editing support:
Seeing how people like to mod and change games, we are going to ship the editor so people will be able to make their own levels and campaigns. Hopefully we can also support editing and tweaking of other files, like graphics and tweakdata.

This project is run by a skeleton crew of two people, Myran a programmer and me a level designer – we share the game design process between us.

We’ve had great help from my good friend Jonatan, who made the base pixelation of our characters, without these we would have no enemies, more or less!

There are more things to show, but I’m gonna take it in a future post, I don’t wanna make this too long! =) >>>

E’ un degli indie più attesi che uscirà nel secondo quarto del 2013.

Puoi supportare il gioco votandolo sullo steam greenlight!

Trailer del gioco: 

Sito del gioco: http://www.hammerwatch.com/

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